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Primary School

Science week 2019

Wow! What an amazing Science week Thrapston Primary School have had! There was been even more science going on in school last week than normal, if that is possible?

Our amazing Science Ambassadors have excelled themselves with the wonderful investigations they planned, with a little support from the adults during their lunch hours. They had the opportunity to deliver these investigations with both year one and our foundation children with wonderful results! Even nursery got involved, carrying out the same investigations with their teachers! Year 2 had a science day on Thursday, creating rockets and then recording the distance, they travelled. They all had a wonderful time, they predicted which rocket would fly the furthest, they also discussed variables, and making sure their test was fair.

Year 3, used their rainforest topic to explore their science investigations, using their observation skills to look at native rainforest plants. They even had a meat eating plant in their classroom to observe!

Year 4 have been building on their understanding of states of matter, they observed frozen and non-frozen grapes, looking at how the skins had split and why? They moved to filling up bottles with water and freezing it, this helped them develop their understanding of how ice takes up a greater area than the same amount of water.

Year 5 visited the science lab to studying forces, so they investigated the effect of friction from different surfaces, planning how to carry out a ‘fair test’ adjusting the height of the ramp to compare. 

Year 6 had a scientist from Unilever  arrive on Friday morning, they activities out lots of investigations, it is clear from the photos, they all had a wonderful experience and clearly enjoyed the day as well as developing their science knowledge and investigation skills!

In addition we had a mad scientist arrive at Thrapston Primary School for an exciting assembly, on Thursday afternoon, the children from year 2 to year 5 thoroughly enjoyed the assembly and the children explained when asked, how the assembly developed their investigation skills, whilst they also enjoying an stimulating assembly! Great pictures!

So a wonderful busy science week all round! Please talk to your children about the skills they have developed both last week and every week in science. We have wonderful scientists developing in our school, talking to them about what they have achieved will only help develop both their scientific skills and knowledge.

Once again, thank you to all our parents for your amazing support.

Kind Regards

Mrs Aldwinckle and Mrs Hannah

Leading Science in our wonderful school.