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Primary School

School Council Minutes

Meeting Date: Thursday 17th September 2020

Present at meeting: Kaiden Willis-Morgan, Mia George, Ben Douglas, Ava Trowbridge, Luke Malthouse, Charlie Norman, Zoe Day, Rosie Davies, Cameron Cairns, Grace Owen and Lucie Rice

Mrs McMurdo     Mrs Kochuijt    Mrs Brattel


The meeting was opened by Mrs McMurdo at  12.20.

Mrs McMurdo welcomed everyone to the first meeting, especially Kaiden, Mia and Ben who joined us from year 3.

All school councillors introduced themselves and then were asked “What do we expect to do as School Councillors? Why is it important to have a School Council?”

Children answered:

  • Help people make school better place to be in.
  • Help children to make good choices to make our school better.
  • Making other children happy.
  • Make school better place for everyone.
  • Look after people in school. We are the voice of our school not just for your year group but also for your Key Stage.


Democracy and Vote for Vice Chair.

Mrs McMurdo asked the children if they all knew what Democracy meant and we discussed this.

She explained that we need to choose a Chair and Vice Chair for the SC. We will vote on this next meeting. All children who would like to be considered for this role need to think of a way to persuade others to vote for them, which they can present during  the next meeting.


School Councillors stationary pack.

All School Councillors have been given a pack, with a book and stationery. Councillors have been asked to use this  to record suggestions and questions.

Mrs McMurdo asked all Councillors to talk to their own class about the following:

  • During a PHSE lesson in their class check if anyone has any worries that need to be passed on to other teachers or Mrs Turner.
  • Is there anything that we as School Council can help with?


Final round of questions.

  • Lucie asked if we could we raise money for Anti Puppy Farming or RSPCA on World Animal Day. Mrs K or Mrs McMurdo will find out.
  • Cameron asked if the under-table cycles could be used again. Mrs McMurdo will communicate with year group teachers and will provide answer during the next meeting.
  • Could we have a class worry jar. All School Councillors have been asked to take this idea to their class and create a Covid secure worry jar for their own class/bubble.
  • Can we have a competition for poster ideas. All Councillors have been asked to take this idea up with their own class and we will discuss this during the next meeting


HThe date for the next meeting:

23rd October

12th November

We will meet in the O’Leary hall in Crown building during lunchtime. The children will be across bubbles but will be sat at least 2 metres away from anyone in a different bubble in a well aired room. Due to the staggered lunchtimes we do not arrive at same time, but will not start the meeting until all school councillors are present.


Meeting closed at 12.45 by Mrs McMurdo.