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Primary School

SEND Review Report

At Thrapston Primary School, we completed a review of our Special Educational Needs and Disabilities provision with Mrs Heidi Redman, who is a Specialist leader in Education for SEND. The review was extremely positive and celebrated many of the things that the school does well.

Some of the key findings of the review were:

  • There was clear evidence of effective systems and procedures in place for identification of need, support for children and tracking for impact.
  • During the  SEND learning walk of the whole school it was evident that all children were, without exception, actively engaged in their work, were excited about their learning and very keen to talk about it.
  • Work was thoughtfully scaffolded in all lessons across the school. Challenge was seen and children explained clearly how they were challenged, e.g. in Year 2, a group of children explained the different colour maths questions. In a KS 2 English lesson, children were rotating around different stations to focus on different parts of their writing.
  • Support for children with SEND was highly evident. Children were all included in main class activities. Support was given, appropriate to the needs of each child, and was not intrusive.
  • Teachers understand that quality first teaching is the first response to any child’s needs. Teachers have ownership of the learning plan targets and set these themselves.
  • Provision for hearing impairment is a massive strength of the school and the school have a very good reputation locally for this provision. There are children with a hearing impairment in most age groups.
  • The transition process (to secondary school) is comprehensive and fully supportive of each child’s needs.

Next term, group interventions will continue to support children with hearing impairments, fine motor skill difficulties, social skills development, anxiety, building resilience and developing self-confidence. We will also continue to have a Speech and Language Therapist, Counsellors, a Teacher of the Deaf, a Play Therapist and an Educational Psychologist in school regularly.

I would also like to remind you that there are links on our website to signpost you to various external agencies for support under ‘Information for Parents – Pastoral Care Team’.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange a meeting for your child at any point throughout the year, please email me at