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Thrapston Primary School

Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

  • Mrs Pauline Turner (Principal and Deputy DSL) 

  • Mrs Sharon Webb (Vice Principal / SENCO and Deputy DSL )

  • Mrs Rachel King (School Business Manager)

  • Mr Liam Crook-Chambers (Assistant Principal /Deputy DSL)

  • Miss Kristina Graham (Designated Safeguarding Lead / DSL)

EARLY YEARS AND Key Stage 1 Teachers:


  • Mrs Joanne Hudson (Tadpoles Class)


  • Mrs Emma Bromley (Ladybird Class)

  • Mrs Sarah Aldwinckle (Butterfly Class)

Year 1

  • Miss Holly Smith (Bumblebee Class)

  • Mrs Sara Coaten / Mrs Sarah Keane (Dragonfly Class) 

Year 1/2

  • Mrs Bethan Charles/Mrs Katherine Hayhurst (Hedgehog Class)

Year 2

  • Mr Joshua French (Squirrel Class)
  • Mrs Alison Terry (Badger Class)

Key Stage 2 Teachers:

Year 3

  • Mrs Juliana Siwiak-Denney (Rashford Class)
  • Mrs Katherine Trigg (Ennis-Hill Class)

Year 4

  • Mr Kevin Smith (Wonder Class)
  • Miss Madelyn Clark (Legend Class)

Year 5

  • Mrs Claire Owen / Mr Liam Crook-Chambers  (Banksy Class)
  • Mrs Caitriona Keeley      (Cliff Class) 
  • Mrs Rhianna O'Reilly / Mrs Nicola Hall (Kahlo Class)

Year 6

  • Mrs Ashley Tarr / Mrs Donna Kenny  (Fossey Class) 
  • Mrs Sarah Powell (Peake Class)
  • Mr Anderson North

the nest

  • Miss Kailyn Hobbs

Pastoral Care Team

  • Mrs Sharon Webb (Vice Principal / SENCO and Deputy DSL)
  • Mrs Julie Gothard (Senior Student Support Officer / Deputy DSL)
  • Mrs Claire Golding (Student Support Officer / Deputy DSL)