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Primary School

Letter to pupils from Mrs Turner 23/03/2020

Dear Children,

I am writing to you because, as you know, things are very different today.  

From today, many  children are not able to come to school because of something called coronavirus. This virus can make people poorly if they catch it. Over the last few weeks we have all been doing what we can by making sure we cough into our arms or a tissue and that we all wash our hands regularly. But now we all need to do something different.

The plan for the country is for people to stay safe in their homes and only go out if they really need to. This means that most children are being told not to come to school. Thrapston Primary School is a really big school which means if lots of us stay away, we are helping in a really big way.

I know that lots of you might be sad about not coming in to school. I am really sad too, getting to be your headteacher, every day is the best job. I love seeing you in assemblies, at breaks and lunchtime too. It makes me happy when you want to share the work that you have been doing in class or at home and it has made me smile to hear you singing 'Happy Birthday' in the toilets when you wash your hands. I especially like it when you let me help you solve any problems that you are having and making sure you are safe and sound. Not having you around is tough, I am in school today and it is so quiet, I don't like it. I know that all of the staff who work with you feel the same way I do. Everyone misses you.


The good thing is; it's not going to be forever! It might be for a while, but we will be together again.

Your grown ups have been working very hard to make sure you have lots of activities to do while you are at home. They are posting lots of things on the school website. Your parents have you teacher's email addresses so that they can see the work that you are doing or answer any questions. I have loved looking at the photos of the rainbow pictures you have been making.

We really are trying to make this change as positive because everyone at Thrapston Primary cares about you and we don't want this school closure to get you down.

Now a little word about being at home all day. This is a big change for your grown ups at home so remember: be safe, be respectful and show them you are ready to learn.

I will write to you all again soon, but for now take care of yourselves and each other.

Mrs Turner