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Primary School

Governance Structure


Thrapston Primary School is a Foundation School. This means that it is a maintained school in which the Board of Governors is the employer, owns the land and buildings and sets the admission criteria. The instrument of government ensures that the board includes representation from major stakeholder groups; Parents, staff, local community and the Local Authority.

Authority for all operational activities is delegated to the Headteacher, Pauline Turner. The Chair of Governors is Mrs Fiona McGill. Governance functions are retained at board level, with the following exceptions:

Business Management Committee

Terms of reference 

The Chair of this committee is Mr Adam Clark

This committee has a delegated remit and decision-making powers which cover:

  • Financial Management and Business Planning.
  • Performance Management.
  • Health and Safety.
  • Organisational strategy and structures.
  • Commercial relationships and school income.

Learning & Outcomes Committee 

Terms of reference

The chair of this committee is Mrs Claire Petrie

  • Reviewing of all aspects of Learning and Outcomes. 
  • Making recommendations with regards to the relevant sections of the School Improvement Plan. 
  • Evaluating school performance using performance data concerning pupil progress and attainment. 


In addition to these two regular committees, the Board of Governors continues to delegate powers to committee level for annual activities such as Pay Review and Headteacher Performance Management. Committees will also operate as required to cover topics such as Complaints/Appeals and School Admissions. In all these cases, committee membership will be formed from within a pool of eligible members of the board.


The governance structure and all delegated powers are reviewed annually, typically during the first meeting of each academic year. The Chair of Governors and Vice Chair are also both elected during this meeting.