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ThrapstonBooking forms Sept 2019 - all 6 terms Primary School – JJs Catering Lunch Process

A pre-order system is in place here at TPS due to the volume of lunches produced each day. The pre-order sheet is below. 

We have 5 choices per day.  2 main hot dishes (one vegetarian), a jacket potato with a choice of fillings, a picnic lunch (filled baguette or roll) or a pasta pot.

The menu rolls over every 4 weeks.  You just need to highlight your choices for each day of the week.  So if you want a ham and cheese picnic lunch on a Monday then just highlight the ham cheese option under the picnic lunch for the day you require. 

Many parents select choices for weeks 1 to 4 and if the child is happy then they advise me that a repeat order is required.  I will then note as a repeat on the system so the choices that have been made will just roll over each month, saves parents filling in new forms all the time.  We only need a new form if changes are required.

On a Friday I provide each class with a print out of the children’s choices for the following week.  The teachers will then allocate a band to the child, each day, in accordance with their meal choice.  For example our main choice is a green band the vegetarian option is a red band, picnic lunch is a blue band, jacket potato is a purple band and finally a pasta pot is a yellow band.  When the children come into the lunch hall we can clearly see what main choice they require and then they can choose what to put with it. 

There is a choice of 5 vegetables each day (sweetcorn, broccoli, carrots, peas, green beans) and baked beans (and spaghetti hoops on Fridays) - they can have as many vegetables as they like.  We also have 2 or 3 carbohydrates each day – rice, pasta, roast potatoes (Wednesdays only) mash, potato wedges, waffles, and new potatoes.  Chips are only served once a week, Fridays, and they are the only fried food we offer. Picnic lunches are served with a snack pot – cucumber, carrot, tomatoes or the children can select vegetables  

Once they have their main meal they can then select their desserts and drinks.  We have fresh fruit, yoghurts and cheese/breadsticks/grape pots available each day.  We also have homemade desserts - biscuits, rice pudding, apple crumble, fruity flapjack, banana loaf, shortcake etc.  We do have treat Fridays where pudding is usually a cup cake!

The drinks we have are water, reduced sugar squash - orange, apple and blackcurrant. Milk is also available if requested.

All our meals and desserts are prepared within the guidelines provided by the School Food Trust. 

We also cater for many children with various food allergies so if you need to discuss anything further then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Contact: Gail Owen – Catering Manager


Telephone: 01832 732246

Facebook page: jj tps


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Booking forms Sept 2019 - all 6 terms 

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