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Thrapston Primary School

Wish List

If you have any of the below items and no longer want them, please bring them to Reception or Nursery, as they would be greatly received!


Open storage - shelves, book cases, kallax units.

Buttons of any shape, size and colour.  

Top soil.

Jenga or any small wooden blocks.

Masking tape, string, crafting materials. 

Clear plastic storage and/or storage boxes.

Squirty bottles - sprays, sports bottles etc. 

CD players.

Jar tops.

Ice cube and cupcake trays.


Laundry balls.

Real tins – beans, hoops, custard – preferably without ring pulls.

Large boxes and cardboard tubes of any length.  

Crates, like ones to carry milk or bottles.

Brooms – child height ones would be great, but we will take any!

Children’s spades/trowels. 

Flour, cornflour, food colouring, jelly cubes/crystals. In date or out of date  


Sand – we have a MASSIVE sandpit and it needs regular top ups .   

Cable drums/reels – the wooden ones. Small to medium would be good. 

Wooden picture frames – great for children to create artwork with. 

Tubes/extendable pipes of any width, but not too long – no longer than what two small children would be able to carry together.  

Bore pipes – ideally ones that children could crawl through/on top of. 

Bike tyres – we have car tyres, which the children build with and we would like some others of smaller sizes.  

Steering wheels + car number plates.

Shower curtains.

Sponges - like the ones for washing cars.