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Primary School

Bully Busters have been busy already this year.

Our Bully Busters this year have been voted in and have already been busy.

They are all from year 5 this year so that the children are all in the same bubble.

They are: Isabelle, Theo, Wiktoria, Robbie, Kai, Charlie, Tyler, Chloe, Josh, Hollie and for a short time William.

Over the last 5 weeks the children have been learning what is needed to make a song and have written their own lyrics in groups.

John Bowman and a few friends have played and made the backing tracks for the children’s songs.

On Friday 16th October the Bully Busters had a recording day in school. We managed this by singing in groups outside or by an open door if it was raining and then the children were recorded individually. John kindly treated the children to pizza to make up for the fact that they were unable to go to The Stables studio this year. We also had a few sweet treats and drinks! While the children were waiting for their group to record, the children designed CD covers. Isabelle won this competition which means that her design will be on all the CDs.

When the CDs arrive in school, we will be putting an assembly together to share with the rest of the school. This will be a video which will include the Bully Busters songs. We will also upload the songs onto the website.

Update - The songs have arrived! They are attached below for you to download and listen to. The children made a video to share with all the children in school. They talked about why they wanted to be a Bully Buster and performed their songs. Not all the children wanted their video to be shared online so we decided not to put the assembly on this blog.