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Thrapston Primary School

Bully Busters

Classes in vote for who they would like to be Bully Busters.

 We have Bully Busters in Year  5 and 6. This year the Year 5 Bully Busters will be involved in The Notivate Trust song writing sessions where they are able to write, perform and record anti- bullying songs.    Thrapston Bully Busters 2023 - Notivate

The current Bully Busters  decided that the children that are chosen to be Bully Busters should be -

Passionate about anti-bullying

Confident to talk in a group and in front of the school

Hard working

Kind and approachable



Interested in music/song writing (As we will be involved in the Notivate project)

The selected children attend meetings during the year, are on a playground rota to help supervise at lunchtimes, help with displays and creating an anti-bullying policy for children, take part in the occasional assembly and talk to children in their class about anti-bullying.

The Bully Busters also go on a rota, not only to help with lunchtime supervision, but to also monitor the use of some playtime equipment which was bought with money raised by the school council.