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Our school councillors have had a busy day today. (Friday 8th March) 

First of all we had a meeting with Hayley Rosario-Chester who is in charge of our school PTA. She is helping us to raise money for the school and came to give us some very useful advice. The school council are running a competition to design a pencil case which the children will be allowed to use for school in response to feedback from their classes. We are going to sell them and the profits will be used towards play equipment for the school. The competition design sheet is on the website to be downloaded, there will also be some copies in school in each classroom by the end of next week. Please ask Mrs McMurdo or Mrs Walter if you can't find one.

This afternoon the school councillors were excited to have a visit from Tom Pursglove who came to talk the children about what his job entails. The children gave him a tour of our school and asked some excellent questions. We discussed what Brexit is, what a democracy is, a typical day for an MP and what Tom thought was important for us to know as school councillors. We discussed how our school is a democracy, as we voted for our school councillors and they bring our views and ideas together and then we try to carry them out. Eg Pencil cases, raising money for playground equipment which the children would like etc

He gave a valuable piece of advice, " It is ok to disagree with other people's views but you should always do it in a way which is friendly. It is important to debate and do so respectfully. We do things better by discussing them."


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