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Primary School

Y6 Maths - 25.03.20 - Rounding and Estimating

An activity to practise your estimating and rounding skills.

Click on the link below to access the powerpoint ("The dog chewed my home learning") - have a look through this and then choose which challenges you'd like to attempt:

Blue - 1 star

Green - 2 stars

White - 3 stars

You can either print the worksheets and write on them or you can write your answers on paper/workbook.

The answers for each challenge are also on the PDFs so check how you've done once you've finished.

If you haven't yet signed up for a free Twinkl account, visit and enter the code CVDTWINKLHELPS. You will then have access to thousands of resources, many of which have been specifically designed for home learning during this time.

Please remember that this is a suggested activity - if you find something else that you would like to attempt, that's fab too! 

We'd love to see your work, whether it's this activity or something else so feel free to send us a picture/document via email.

Any questions, just shout.

Ms Trowbridge, Mrs Hopper and Mrs Tarr :-)