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Primary School

For Year 6 children working from home

We are all missing you lots! Here are some activities for you to do at home if you are able.


Using the Maths PowerPoint and the links within it, revise numbers to 1 million before choosing one of the investigations on the slides to try at home.

There is also a place value work sheet to put your knowledge to the test!

English- Some of you may have already started looking at the 'DreamGiver'. 

Now it is time to look at little more closely at the setting and the character. Follow the link ( you may need to copy and past) to watch the clip -PLEASE DON'T WATCH PAST 50 SECONDS JUST YET! Make notes about what you can see. Try to use your senses and imagination to collect phrases about the setting before writing an atmospheric setting description .  

Try to write expanded noun phrases about the character too before turning your ideas into a more detailed character description. Try to begin your sentences in different ways and extend them with a range of conjunctions.

Please don't write past the point where the DreamGiver opens the window.


Follow the PowerPoint before trying your hand at programming a virtual Micro:bit online using the Website-