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Primary School

Tuesday 23rd February 2021

English Live Lesson -To be able to write a character description

Link to the video

Maths Live Lesson - To be able to find a two-step rule

The live lesson resources are only for the live lesson. Please download them and be ready to use them in the lesson, or afterwards and not before.

You are only expected to do the colour sheets at your level e.g. Green task and green extension task. 

If you normally work on blue/green tasks in class, look at both sheets but then choose one colour to do. If you normally do the white task in school, there is a white task and a white task plus on here. Do not do both, choose one of them.

If you want help at any point, have a look at this handy BBC Bitesize clip.

DT - LO: To be able to plan a three course meal and prepare and evaluate the starter

You are going to be planning and cooking a three course meal over the next few weeks. You can have help from the people at home, but you should do most of the work.

Today, plan your three meals and discuss with the person who buys and cooks your food. Over this week, prepare and make a starter for the family. You could take photos, video yourself cooking. Write an evaluation of how the meal went using the evaluation form in the attachments.

Guided Reading - LO: To read and retrieve information from a text.

Follow the PPT and answer the questions. PPT is part of a fabulous resource from Twinkl: our blog

Spellings - To be able to read and spell words containing the /shuhl/ sound after a vowel

Please make sure you understand the meaning of these words and can use them in a sentence.

     official crucial
     special   facial
     artificial beneficial
     social superficial
     racial antisocial

Reading -  To read every school day and record on a weekly reading diary sheet

I have attached the reading diary sheet in the attachments.