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Primary School

Year 6 - Monday 8th February 2021

Please find all of the resources you need in the attachments below. Live lessons will be updated after they have been taught.

English LO: To plan and write your own independent non- chronological report on an animal of your choice. 

You will have time each afternoon to continue your report. It should be in the style of the one we did together on the Emperor Penguin. I would like it sent to me on Friday so that I can assess it.

In our live lessons this week we will be exploring and writing some classic poetry. William Blake's poem Tyger, Tyger. You might like to have a look at it early so I will attach a copy below.

Spelling LO: To be able to spell words from the same word family.

The spelling for this week will be about word families. We are exploring patterns and how words are related to each other. There are some optional sheets in the attachments.

 Maths LO: To be able to order fractions, decimals and percentages.

I expect everyone to do these sheets at your level. Pink is in-between green and white. The live lesson will use different work so there will be no cross over.

Science LO: to investigate micro-organisms (mould)

You will need three slices of bread and three clear sandwich bags to complete this experiment. Complete the worksheet to record your results.