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Primary School

Year 6 - Thursday 4th February 2021

Please look here for all the work attached to today's lessons.

English LO: To be able to write non-chronological reports



Maths LO: to be able to convert fractions to percentages

These links will not be used in the live lessons but will be used in the bubble groups.



As it is Mental Health Awareness week, we thought it was important to continue our learning from last week’s P.S.H.E. lesson and think about what we can do to support our mental health and mind set. Follow the slide show before completing the attached tasks, that will encourage you to try to see the positive when things do not go to plan and also remind yourself of what an awesome person you all are!


Geography LO: To be able to discuss and name some of the wonders of the world both natural and man-made.

Follow the PPT and do the task on it.