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Primary School

Year 6 Wednesday 3rd February 2021

Please look here for all of the resources you will need.

The English and maths PPTs  will be uploaded just before the lesson.

Maths LO: to understand percentages

We seem to have forgotten quite a bit about percentages so we are going to do a recap today. if you are already confident, have a go at the reasoning and problem solving white challenge.

If you need help you could check out this BBC Bitesize guide:


Remember to read and add it to your reading record. There is an extra copy in the attachments.

English LO: to be able to write effective sentences for a non-chronological report

We will be continuing to write our shared report on emperor penguins. You need to think about what North American animal you would like to research for your independent write next week.

Spelling LO: to be able to spell the long e sound using ei after  c

Do not forget to practise your spellings for your test at the end of the week.

RE LO: to be able to discuss an important Buddhist festival – Wesak

Follow the PPT lesson and then complete the tasks.

Art LO: to be able to create collages out of shapes.

Follow the PPT slides and then complete the work.