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Primary School

Year 6 - Tuesday 19th January 2021

Please look here for all the lessons, links and PPTs you need to complete today's work.

English LO: To write effective sentences using a range of features.

Do not forget to do your daily reading and update your weekly reading record.

We are continuing with our work on Varmints.

Maths LO: To calculate perimeter

Please follow this link if you would like to to watch some videos and do some extra work.

The work today is an investigation. I have used a PPT for you to write on. Hopefully this will make the work more interactive and you will not need to print anything out.

RE LO: To understand the main beliefs of Buddhists.

In RE we are looking at the main beliefs of Buddhism. After you have looked at the PPT, try creating a game similar to snakes and ladders to express the main ideas. I have added some resources to help you.