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Primary School

Year 6 - Monday 18th January

Please look here for today's lessons and resources.


Maths - Perimeter

We will be revising how to measure perimeter on Monday. Make sure you have ruler with you. There is an extra challenge sheet and a discussion problem too. The minimum 

Yellow Task - Please do the Varied fluency and Reasoning and Problem Solving Sheets

Blue and Green Task  - Please do the VF and Reasoning and Problem Solving at your level

Whites Task - Reasoning and Problem Solving, Extra Challenge (the submarine on the seabed is the hardest sheet)



Reading - We do expect you to read 5 times a week. I have attached a copy of a reading record for you.


Here are your spellings for this week. Be ready for a test on Friday.

English LO: To be able to write effective sentences that create atmosphere

Follow the PPT again if you missed the lesson or you would like a recap. I have included the success criteria at the bottom of the page for you to use.

Science -  LO: To be able to describe how living things are classified into groups.

Task 1 - Read through the PPT and then try to classify the animals on the worksheet. You will need to use the Internet or books to help you.

Alternative task 1 if you do not have access to the Internet

Task 1 - Read through the PPT and then design a zoo. Organise the animals so that similar species are together or close to one another.

Music - 

Follow along the  lesson on pitch.