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Year 6 - Wednesday 13th January

Everything you need for your home learning - Wednesday 13th Jan

Year 6 – Wednesday 13th Jan

Today, we have Maths, English and PE activities for you. Below, you will find a series of links to explainer videos and the various worksheets that you will need.

This week, we are trialling an app called “Teachermade” – it has allowed us to turn printed worksheets into an online, editable format. This means that if you do not wish to print them out, you can write directly onto them from a laptop, tablet etc and send them straight to us. We’re going to use it this week and see how we get on.

You’re still able to print the worksheets, if you wish. They are all available here, at the bottom of the blog, each day.


Please check out the video below to see how to edit the online worksheets:

How to use "teachermade":



If you are at all unsure on how to plot coordinates on all four quadrants, we have recorded a recap video to help:

If you would like a recap on translating shapes, watch this video before completing today's activities https:


Depending on how confident you feel about translating coordinate shapes, choose one of the challenges below to complete. You can also print the worksheet by clicking on the PDF at the bottom of the page. This is also where you'll find the Answers.







Follow the PPT and then write your independent piece and email it back to us.

You can watch the 'Varmints' Video here:


teachermade success criteria




Take some time today to do something active. Whether that is a Joe Wicks workout, or a nice walk, or a bike ride, get out and be active.


PE with Joe -