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Primary School

Creative Writing 4/6/20 - The Rocketeer

Watch the clip and try one or all of the writing activity ideas. (You can use some time next week to do this too.)Don't forget to consider what makes a successful piece of writing. We will be looking out for varied sentence starters, a range of conjunctions and additional phrases as well as powerful descriptive language. We have also attached a similar SPaG checklist to that which we use in school, which you could use to form part of your own success criteria. We will be especially impressed if you are able to try to use the areas highlighted in yellow!

Over 20 years ago the film 'The Rocketeer' was launched by Dave Stevens.  Many of you will not have even heard of this film ( some of the grown ups may have).Here is a clip of a remake in honour of the original for you to enjoy and be inspired by! 

The film is set during WW2 and features a young boy who dreams of flying.   One day the peace of this small farming community is shattered by a police chase. 

A tragedy is on the cards but luckily 'The Rocketeer' was on hand to save the day! Check out the link below-

Here are some ideas that you can try. It may help to create an inspiration page first.

  • Children can write a newspaper report of the events in the film.
  • Write a narrative in the 1st person from different points of view, the robbers, the police, the young boy, his parents. 
  • Design an enemy for The Rocketeer to defeat, write a wanted poster for the bad guy. 
  • Write their own adventures of The Rocketeer.
  • Write a letter from the small boy or his parents thanking The Rocketeer.
  • Write The Rocketeer's back story, how did he become a hero?  Why does he risk his own life?  Why does he fight crime rather than get rich with his powers?  Use drama techniques to draw these ideas from the children.