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  • Friday 5th March 2021

    Published 04/03/21
    Maths LO: Finding pairs of values (2) This is the second part of the lesson. Can you work out the value of the two letters? PE - Try another one of Fiesta Sport's street dance lessons.
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  • Year 6 - Thursday 4th March 2021

    Published 03/03/21
    Happy World Book Day! Drop everything and read! Make time to drop what you are doing and go off and read 4 times during the day. You can do this alone, with a family member or with the family pet.  Online lessons from authors. T
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  • Year 6 - Wednesday 3rd March 2021

    Published 02/03/21
    English - Lo: to be able to write a follow up to the Eye of the Storm. Your task today will be to write your own version of what is through the eye of the storm. Try to include the features we talk about regularly in class. Maths - LO: to be ab
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  • Tuesday 2nd March 2021

    Published 01/03/21
    We really miss you and cannot wait to see you all next week. Here is a little message from us. Computing - LO: To practise our times tables Please practise your tables on TT Rockstars or you could use www.
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  • Monday 1st March 2021

    Published 26/02/21
    Spelling LO: To be able to spell words with consonants that sound like  /shuhl/ . These are your spellings so that you can start practising them. partial    confidential     essential    substantial 
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  • Friday 26th February 2021

    Published 25/02/21
    ART - To develop our understanding of how to use textures and shading. PE - Follow along with Fiesta sports to learn some street dances.
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  • Thursday 25th February 2021

    Published 24/02/21
    English - LO: to be able to write a flashback What is a flashback? Flashbacks are a plot device that writers use to insert past events in order to provide context to the current events of a narrative. By using flashbacks, writers allo
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  • Wednesday 24th February 2021

    Published 23/02/21
    English - To be able to use semi-colons to mark the boundaries between independent clauses. Please follow along with the live lesson if you cannot make the session. The link will be uploaded after the live sessions have finished. Maths - To und
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  • Tuesday 23rd February 2021

    Published 22/02/21
    English Live Lesson -To be able to write a character description Link to the video Maths Live Lesson - To be able to find a two-step rule The live lesson resources are only for the live lesso
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  • Year 6 - Monday 22nd February 2021

    Published 21/02/21

    Resources for Monday's lessons.

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  • World Book Day - Thursday 4th March 2021

    Published 12/02/21

    Activities for World Book Day - Thursday 4th March 2021

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  • Year 6 - Friday 12th February 2021

    Published 11/02/21

    Please look below for all the resources connected with today's learning.

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