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And the winner is...

The moment of truth - results from the 2020 COTSSP Lockdown Olympics

I would like to start by thanking everyone who participated in this event over the weekend.

Five schools took part: Oundle, St Patrick's, Our Lady's, St Brendan's and of course us.

So... I am very pleased to announce that we finished first.

Maybe that was was a bit understated... So I am pleased to announce that we finished first!

A bit better but still not quite there... So I am pleased to announce that we finished first!!!

That's as good as it gets, the blog graphics do not allow for a fanfare of trumpets or a ticker tape parade, so you'll have to settle for bold and underlined.

I am really amazed by the Thrapston Primary School turnout - 87 children took part which is 48% of the 180 participants.

I have attached a sheet giving the individual winners of each event to this blog but overall we won 47% of the events, so well done! So both quality and quantity prevailed!

I have asked Chris Long if we win a big trophy or if we now qualify for the European Champions League but he has not got back to me yet!

However I do know there are more virtual tournaments coming up over the next few weeks - in fact Northamptonshire Sport have said there are five competitions coming up and I have signed us up for them. 

So watch the website and I will tell you as and when they are announced. I think the first one is dodgeball? I kid you not! I have no idea how that is supposed to work - I'm pretty sure we have nobody that that can throw a ball in Thrapston and hit a child in Corby or Oundle, so we will have to see how they have adapted that!