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Primary School

Y5 Monday 4th May 2020. Here are some more English activities for this week.

Here are your activities for spelling, writing, SPaG and reading this week.

Spellings – This week we are focusing on words with /ear/ sound spelt with ‘ere’.











Use the power point and the activities below to help you learn them.  Then you can use them in your own sentences and be imaginative!

Writing – Comprehension

In line with our Victorian topic, we have a radio link for you to listen to the first episode of Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. Whilst listening, write down any words you are not familiar with, then research the meaning.

Here is the website link

In addition, in the links below there are Oliver Twist play scripts to read through. They are followed by questions for you to answer.  Remember, just like in school, you need to answer the questions in full sentences. You do not need to print off the sheets, just write the answer on any paper. Remember to write in a full sentence with punctuation and neat handwriting. There are three levels, 1 star, 2 star and 3 star. You do not have to complete all three, choose the level that is a challenge, but that you feel you can achieve.

As an extra challenge, you can also complete the work about the author Charles Dickens (who wrote Oliver Twist). The power point, fact file and activity sheets are uploaded below. Once again, don’t print the activity sheet; write your answers in full sentences.

SPaG – This task is to use the power point ideas to fix the sentences.

Reading - When you complete your 5 home reads of a fiction book this week, please use the following questions to help you explore your reading further:

Using the evidence in the text, what do you think about…

If you were the main character, how would have you have reacted to this?

What would this character think?

Are there any other reasons why this might have happened?

Have the views in this text affected your opinion? Why? How?

I hope you enjoy these activities, remember just do what you can and email anything you would like to share with permission for us to do so!

Have a wonderful week!

Mrs Aldwinckle