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Primary School

Year 5 Week 3 Maths

Hello lovely Year 5! Are you ready for more maths? Let’s go!

This week we are continuing with deepening our understanding of decimals.  You can choose from the lessons of adding and subtracting fractions for the whole week. (Summer Week 2 tasks on the website). You can do as many as you are able to.

Watch the video clips for each lesson and have a go at the questions.  Lots of you have found this way of working really helpful.

There are also some mixed challenges at the end of the set of lessons to try.

 Let us know how you get on- we love getting your emails.

This week’s Simmering Maths gives you a chance to mentally identify the value of different digits in larger numbers.  I think you could set yourself time challenges with this one and see if you can build up the speed of your recall. Choose any level between 2-6 – choose one you feel is a challenge for you.

Keep going with your times tables too- here are some links that might help.

Have a great week and stay safe. 

Mrs Owen