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Primary School

There's still plenty of time!

We have the weekend!

I would like to start by thanking everyone who has participated in today Lock-down Olympics. So far (as at 4.20 pm) 52 children have entered from nursery up to Year 6, which is great.

However I still think we can do better. The results do not have to be in until Monday, so if you have not yet had the chance to do the activities, then you have the whole weekend!

I will be submitting our results first thing on Monday morning. So drop me an email any time over the weekend and I will continue updating my scoresheet.

I set a target of 100 children taking part. I think we can reach this.

So if you have not yet had a go - come on! Every score will improve our total! If you have had a go, tell your classmates to join in and have a go as well. Every score will improve our total!! If you think your rubbish at sport and you won't get a particularly high score. Nonsense - just do your best. Any score is better than no score and guess what - EVERY SCORE WILL IMPROVE OUR TOTAL!!!

Have a great weekend!