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Primary School

1st May is Lockdown Olympics day!

Social Distancing Virtual Sports Hall (more like Garden) Olympics

So... We had a great response to yesterday's blog and our team of 3 has now increased overnight to 36! I have also had my first set of results emailed to me at 7.26 this morning!

But I would like to think we can still get a lot more than that. Time is still on our side.

The weather seems to be better but all indications would suggest there will be sunshine and scattered showers all day so maybe you can spread your activities out if the weather looks like changing (maybe do this anyway like in the heptathlon and decathlon!).

Although the activity is scheduled for today, I did email David Dent yesterday to ask when he wanted me to send the results in and he replied they were due in on Monday. 

So if the weather is an issue today, realistically, you have the whole weekend to carry out the activities and get your scores to me.

This also gives us more time to drum up more support! If you are taking part in this activity, persuade your friends to join in as well. You can have competitions amongst yourselves, as well as adding to overall score for the school.. 

Also due to the unpredictable situation, I cannot guarantee that we will be able to hold a 'traditional' Sports Day this year. Social distancing might make this tricky. In which case, I will carry out several more of these type of events - maybe not competing against other schools, but as a house competition. It also occurred to me that this activity could be a part of our Sportsday(s).

So, when you email your results to me at, as well as giving me your name, year group and scores, could you also tell me which house you are in? Thank you? There is a personal scoresheet attached below but no need to use this - just your scores in an email are fine. 

So let's see if we can increase our team from 36 to 100! Or 200!! Aim high! Who knows, if we reach 200, we might be able to get the local paper to write a report on us! So, tell your friends to get involved. I will attach the original film clip telling you how to take part to the bottom of this blog and here is the link to the alternative film I did yesterday

Finally a lot of parents are asking about sending in photos and video clips. Fantastic! Please feel free to do this. The pictures will be posted on the website and when we return to school I will put up a display.

So good luck today (or tomorrow, or Sunday) - I look forward to receiving your results. 

Here's the original film -