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Primary School

Y5 Wow! What a lot of English work we have to share with you!

Lots of children have been sending in both their original draft and their edited and improved work. Please have a look through and see how they have created their first draft with some great ideas and then further improved using the year five strategies they have learnt! Thanks to Grace O for sending in a picture with her work, she looks very pleased with it and so she should be! Well done guys, keep up the great work!

Mrs Aldwinckle x

In the attachments you will find:

Lily has written both a wonderful poem and sent in her story. We only wish we had a video of her reading it as we all love her dramatic reading style!

Hayden has sent in both his first draft and then followed it with his edited and improved version! 

Grace A has done the same.

Sabah has also sent in her story titles 'Whose there?' to share with everyone.

Lucy has sent in her story to share with everyone too.

Alfie wants to share his edited version of his story.

Hazel wants to share her story, We love how she has made sure she included the FANTASTIC's lenses and then typed up her work!

Finally, Thomas has advertised a job for a child in Victorian times, though i am really sure none of our year 5 children would want to apply!