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Primary School

The (only) Sporting Event of the Summer

COTSSP Virtual Social Distancing Indoor (outdoor really) Athletics Tournament

Tomorrow (Friday 1st May) the Corby, Oundle and Thrapston School Sport Partnership are holding a virtual indoor athletics tournament.

We are one of five schools that has entered and we need YOU to participate. At the moment, out of a school of 520 we have a team of 3!


This is a tournament we have a great chance in. It is a competition of quantity over quality! Every child that enters, scores points for their school, so the more children that enter, the more points we get. Obviously quality is useful, however you do not have to be a sports genius to enter. You basically just need to be able to run, jump and throw.

I'm sure we can all do that!

You might have seen the film put out last week where David got his daughter to demonstrate the activities and you may have thought 'I can't possibly do that - I haven't got a speed bounce mat!'

Well don't worry - I have put together a short video showing how you can participate just using everyday items. Yes... Even me, who at the moment is physically broken, has demonstrated how you can take part. So you young whipper-snappers have no excuses!

All in it shouldn't take longer than 5-10 minutes.

So come on give it a go.

Last year we won the Beat The Streets because 92% of the school participated. This year, we have one opportunity for the summer to win a tournament and this is it. 

So have a go at these 5 activities (speed bounce, standing long jump, chest push, target throw and 10x10 metre shuttle run), email your scores to me at and let's try and win this event!