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Primary School

Y5 History - Victorians

What kind of jobs did Victorian children have to do?

Victorian children had a very difficult life. They had to do horrible jobs in order to help feed themselves and their family.

These jobs were poorly paid, disgusting and often life-threatening.

I have selected a few examples for you to explore. These are some of the more disgusting and dangerous jobs that children would have to do.

Here are links to a few short films about some of these jobs. gong scourers Dickens show coal mining chimney sweep

There were many people who felt that children doing such dangerous jobs was wrong. One of the most famous campaigners against child labour was Lord Shaftesbury. His name appears in several of the films above.

I have referenced a website to help you learn more about him.  

I have also attached a powerpoint with more information about Lord Shaftesbury at the bottom of this blog.

Your task.

You can either:

  • Create a job advert for one of these disgusting jobs.
  • Write a letter of protest to Queen Victoria about children working in such dangerous conditions.
  • Write a story / diary entry about a Victorian child working in one of these jobs.
  • Write a biography / fact file about Lord Shaftesbury

I look forward to reading your work.