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Primary School

Y5 20th April - This weeks Maths activities

Hello Year 5!

Mrs Owen here! I hope you have had a lovely holiday at home with your grown- ups and you had a chance to eat chocolate and enjoy the sunshine. 

Now it’s time to get back to trying out the different activities we set you and letting us know how you get on. We love getting your emails!

I will be setting your Maths activities for the next few weeks.  I will set the tasks on Monday morning and you can choose which ones to complete during the rest of the week.

This week’s Maths work is based on measurement and converting measures into larger and smaller units. Here are some games and clips you can use to remind yourself of your previous learning.

I have included a powerpoint and a knowledge organiser which helps explain the calculations and some worksheets to complete, as I know some of you like to work through the different levels.  I have also included some extra challenge cards.

Here is a list of some practical activities you can complete too:

I am setting Simmering Maths for this week too. This helps us to keep our previous learning fresh in our brains!

I would like you to practise your Mental Maths skills in addition and subtraction on the Daily 10 website (the one we use in class) can choose the level you feel is a challenge for you.

Also you can practise telling the time on an analogue clock in your house and work out how much time has passed between two different times of the day. Remember to keep practising your times tables too.

I hope this will keep you all busy for the week but remember just do what you can.  Please email if you need to.

Have fun

Mrs Owen