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Primary School

Y 5 Friday April 3rd

The Onceler Visits Dragon's Den.

Friday 3rd April

If you are looking for something else to do after finishing your Victorian project, here is an extra optional activity to try.

The Onceler Visits Dragons Den

Dragon’s Den is a television programme where entrepreneurs, inventors or people with business ideas try a get financial backing from a group of wealthy investors in return for a percentage of their business.

Their money and business acumen (not to mention the publicity from being on the show) often mean the products become very successful.

A great example of a product becoming an amazing success through Dragon’s Den has to be Levi Roots and his Reggae Reggae Sauce.

Here is a link to Show that pitch and to get an idea of how the show works.

Now you have seen that, I want to take you back to my favourite story – The Lorax. We read it in class but if you can’t remember it, I have recorded it for you in a video.

Here is the link.

So here is your task. We want you to imagine that you are the Onceler and you have discovered the area with the truffula trees. You have designed the thneed and sold one. You now want to raise money to build your factory to mass-produce the thneed.

So you are going to visit the Dragon’s den to pitch for your idea to develop your product. You can present your pitch in a variety of ways. If you have a recording facility it would be great to see your presentations.

  • You can pitch to your parents, who will act as the dragons
  • You can record your presentation and pitch it to us
  • You can produce a written pitch which we will look at
  • Or you can design a poster to act as a pitch

It’s up to you – have a great Easter.