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Primary School

Problem Solving / Craft activities

I have put together a couple of problem solving, brain teaser activities and fun craft activities to keep you going if you’re stuck for something to do.

Have a look and have a go.

Task 1

This is similar to the sculpture activity – using one sheet of A4 paper I want you to create the tallest free standing sculpture that you can –purely from the paper. I have given an example. There will be an edible prize for the winner.

This is my freestanding palm tree! It measures 71 cm and to prove that it is free standing I have added a 2 second video showing me lift it and put it down. Here is the link

So 71 cm is the height to beat – there will be prizes for the tallest sculpture but remember –

  • It must be free standing
  • You can only use 1 piece of A4 paper
  • You can use tape but only to tape paper together, not to tape your sculpture to the base!
  • You need to know, if I win, I will eat the prize in front of you!


Task 2

I have found a website with the 20 best brainteasing challenges -

Have a go at some of these. You might need to pause the film while you’re figuring out the solution as the film only gives you about 5-10 seconds.