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Primary School

Email from Jai in Australia

Here is the email I received from Jai, which his Dad agreed i could share with you. There are also lots of pictures on the gallery for you to look at. If you want to ask Jai any thing, just email me your questions and I will put them together and forward an email from us all.

Enjoy your Easter break x

Hello Mrs Aldwinckle and Cliff class, the school I am attending is called Ferny Grove State school, it is a primary school. My uniform  is blue and yellow we also have to wear a hat and put on suncream.

Our house is in the suburb of Upper Kedron just outside the city of Brisbane. 

No I have not seen a red back spider yet but I have seen a Huntsman and a Golden Orb spider. My and my dad drove to Mount Glorious and saw a pair of black Cockatoo’s,a red and green King Parrot,and rainbow Lorikeet’s and a blue tongue lizard.

I know all the schools in England have closed due to the covid 19 virus. Are all my friends having to home school and how are they all doing? I have spoken to Fraser,Aiden,Thomas,Brodie and Juke, via WhatsApp video call

The weather is sunny and the average temperature in autumn is 28 degrees.

My school closed 1 week early for Easter we have got no homework for now but we might get some soon.

Miss you guys 

From Jai