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Primary School

Y5 Wednesday 1st April Geography / English

Comparing a Tropical and a Polar Climate

Wednesday 1st April

So, this week we would like you to combine the Geography we have been looking at on climate zones with a couple of Literacy writing tasks.

We are going to do a piece of written work about a polar climate and a tropical climate.

You can complete the activities over the week or just do one if you prefer.

I have made a video that explains the task.

Here is the link.


I have also sent the links for two films which give more information about these climate zones to help you with the written tasks.

Here are the links for those. polar rainforest


I have given you the option to write whatever you choose – a poem, a story, a diary entry, a report… it’s up to you.

Just remember to use:

  • the relevant features
  • correct punctuation
  • ambitious vocabulary
  • and apply the SPaG skills we have been working on in class.


We look forward to reading your work.