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Year 5 Class Blog 6 - Maths

Monday 30th March 2020 Maths - Percentages, Fractions and Decimals

Here is your maths to learn for this week, you will be writing percentages as equivalent fractions and decimals. Have a look at the examples on the power point, discuss with your grown up and then work through the activities choosing ones you would like to try. We have included the answer sheet, so you can mark your work with your adult and discuss any mistakes.

Further games you could use to practise these skills can be found at

Don't feel you have to complete all the activities, just do what you are able.

As always, we love hearing from you and how you are getting on, so please send up any pictures of you carrying out the activities and tell us, if you would like them to be uploaded to our gallery.

With Best Wishes

Year 5 Team