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Primary School

Y5 Fractions converted to decimals 23.3.20

Mr Smith has created a video showing how to convert fractions to decimals. Here is the link

Percent means out of 100. (Per + out of / cent = 100)

So if you have a hundred square and 64 are shaded in, that’s 64% - it’s as simple as that.

What if you don’t have a 100 square but have diagram showing 3/10 and are asked what that is as a percentage?

Well you have to apply the work you did on fractions to this by converting 3/10 into a fraction out of 100 (demo on whiteboard) so if it is 30/100 that will be 30%

What will 6/10 be? What about 13/20?

What is 50% as a fraction? 50/100 simplify that down to ½

Demo with 25%

Demo with 36%

If you get stuck, email me on and I will try and help some more.


Some PE websites to keep you occupied indoors.

If you type Go Noodle into Google you will be taken to their YouTube page.

There is also Take 10 on You Tube which will give physical activities to do at home.

Other links to try.


I will explore the internet and see what else I can find and get back to you.