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Primary School

Space centre trip

Thrapston Primary School Year 5, took an exciting trip to the National Space Centre: which can be located in Leicestershire

They enjoyed a fun, educational day, learning many new facts about space. The pupils told us that their most favourite thing to do there was watch a full twenty minutes of  a 4D clip in the “cinema” room. The year 5 children said that it was a phenomenal  experience and would love to go back again! The children had a great laugh while making their very own moon dials. The year 5 pupils said it would be wonderful to go back there with family and friends to show them around. It was a long 1 hour journey there and back and they were exceptional/ The teacher helpers were: Mrs Aldwinkle , Mr Smith , Miss  Gothard,  Mrs Bradshaw, Mrs Stamper, Mrs Owen and lots more amazing helpers.

Thank you everyone for your incredible help. 

Media crew