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Primary School

Happy Harvest!

Year 5 celebrated Harvest this week with a special assembly for the rest of the school.

Due to Covid restrictions, the children in Year 5 performed their special Harvest assembly to the rest of the school via Microsoft TEAMS. Whilst the children did not physically have the rest of the school sat in front of them, they did a wonderful job at reading their words, singing and even dancing a little!

Unfortunately, a number of our Year 5 children missed our special Harvest assembly due to illness however we wanted to let you all know that all of your Year 5 adults are incredibly proud of you all for your hard work in rehearsing and learning the words as well as performing so brilliantly to the rest of the school. 

Your Year 5 adults have had nothing but praise from the rest of the school for your excellent assembly - you should all feel very proud of yourselves!

Well done Year 5!