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Primary School

Year 5 Thursday 25th February 2021

Please Find attached all of the information you need for today’s Maths, English and Science lessons.

As mentioned on our blog yesterday, for Maths you will need some small objects to support your learning. This could be some marbles, lego bricks, pasta or anything similar, anything that is fairly small, similar looking and that you have quite a few of. Just have them ready before Maths starts.



In addition, for next week's DT lesson you will need 8 pieces of cardboard about A4 size, not too thick (about the thickness of a cereal packet) , you can cut them from cereal packets if you want to or anything similiar that you have in your recycling bin! You don't need these until next week, but we are just letting you know, so you have time to sort them out.  If you have any questions as always, please just email your teacher.