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Primary School

Year 5 Lessons for Monday 8th February 2021

As we enter our last week before the half term holidays for home school learning, here is all of the information you need for today’s Maths, English and Reading comprehension lessons.

 11.25 am UPDATE

- The reading comprehension White task is now updated and correct.                   

- The English task has clearer instructions

As always, work through the Maths and English Power Points before having a go at the tasks. We will upload the answers for tomorrow morning, please take time to mark your work as this is a very important step in helping you to decide which colour activity to try next.

You will see that as well as Maths and English tasks we have a reading task this afternoon. There is a blue, green and white task to choose from. It might be a good idea to look at each task and then decide which level you would like to try. Remember, you don’t need to print off the sheets and when you answer the comprehension questions, you should answer in a complete sentence so that you can tell which question the answer relates to, because you will have included part of the question in your answer.

For example:

Question: What is your name?

Answer: My name is Gemma Richards (obviously your own name would go here! 😉

Have a wonderful day and remember – try your best, that is all we ever ask!