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Primary School

Year 5 Lessons for Friday 5th February 2021

Attached below is all of the information you need for today’s Maths and English lessons.

As always, work through the Maths and English Power Points before having a go at the tasks. We will upload the answers for Maths later on today.

As your English task today is your independent write, we would like you to spend a little more time on this for your afternoon activity. Please make sure that after you have completed all your paragraphs, you read through your work to edit and improve.

Have you checked for:

  • Missing punctuation?
  • Spelling mistakes?
  • Included the features from the success criteria?
  • Upscaled your sentence by adding detail with a conjunction?
  • Presented your work neatly with beautiful joined handwriting


Don’t forget to send in your work to your teacher after you have edited and improved.


Good Luck!