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Primary School

Year 5 lessons for Tuesday 2nd February

Please find the Maths, English, Spellings and Art tasks for Tuesday.

Terrific Tuesday Year Five! 

Please find attached the Power Points for today's Maths and English learning.

In Maths, we will be applying what we have learnt about division to help us divide 3 digit numbers using the short, formal method. Remember to challenge yourself, moving on to the next level of challenge if you feel ready to.

In English, you will be making notes to help you write paragraphs about the next stages in Harriet Tubman's life and how she led others to freedom.

We have attached a spelling powerpoint for you to continue to learn your spellings at home. These are the spellings that group 3 would normally tackle but group 1 and 2 are welcome to have a look as well. Group 1 and 2, if these are a little tricky, continue to practise the spellings printed in the back of your reading record.

In Art this week, we will be looking at line and pattern and how they can be used to create different moods. Follow the slide show and then, using whatever media you like, ( pens, pencils, crayons) have a practise at the different patterns on the worksheets. Once you have had a practise, use some different patterns to try to represent different words and emotions using only patterns- these can be found on the last slide of the attached slide show.

Remember, we look forward to seeing all of the work you have been up to at home. Don't forget to continue to try to read 5 times and practise times tables.