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Primary School

Year 5 lessons for Tuesday 26th January

Check out Tuesday's English, Maths and Art lessons for Year Five.

In English, we will be continuing to learn about the life of Harriet Tubman. Follow the instructions on the slide show before completing you task. There are two levels of flow chart worksheet for you to choose from.

In Maths, we will further develop our knowledge of expanded and short formal methods of multiplication. Remember, if you do want to complete the white + challenge, make sure you have had a go at white level first.

 In this week's Art lesson, we will continue to learn about portraits, exploring the work of Artist Romero Britto. Work through the PDF slides, making sure to watch the video link within them, before trying to create your own Britto inspired portraits. For an extra challenge, you could make some notes about what inspired Britto and what common themes can be seen in his work.