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Primary School

Year 5 English Lesson Friday 8th January 2021

English Lesson Friday 8th January 2021

L.O. To be able to write a vivid setting description

Once again you will need a pencil and some paper. You will also need the bank of phrases you collected yesterday. Once again, work through the power point listening to the advice Mrs Tarr gives you. Then you should write a detailed description of the setting. Remember to vary your sentence structure. Can you underline the feature from the success criteria that you have used? We would expect this to be around half a page of A4 but you may want to write a little more. Don’t forget to use the phrases collected yesterday in your writing today.

For an extra challenge, could you include any other SPaG features learnt about before Christmas? Maybe you could include a dash or brackets? Possibly even a colon or semi-colon if you remember how to! Maybe even passive voice- for example “ strangled by vines”

Remember, when you have completed your English work, look at the success criteria and record the level you feel you have achieved as part of your reflection. If you get chance, please scan or take a picture as we would love to see it! I you prefer, you could even type your description for grown ups to email to us.