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Primary School

Marvellous Maths Week!

All children in school celebrated Maths Week last week and in Year 5, we had a wonderful week full of maths problem solving, reasoning and other exciting maths tasks!

On Monday, along with the rest of the school, we all came into school in maths themed clothes. We all looked amazing! We spent the whole day doing maths activities: we completed a fun maths investigation in the morning, we created fact files and biographies of famous mathematicians and in the afternoon, we created some excellent artwork based on Notan artwork using our maths skills.

We also learnt that maths is so important in our lives. We discussed how we use maths all the time even without thinking about it, including: getting dressed in the morning, preparing our breakfast, when shopping and when playing games.

During the week, each Year 5 class competed against each other to solve three maths puzzles, the answer for each puzzle was a number. At the end of the week, we totalled our three numbers and found our class magic total. We are all excellent mathematicians as every class got the same total! We really enjoyed this little competition.

We also enjoyed looking for maths puzzles and problems around school and we had fun at solving the different tasks.