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Primary School

Year 5 End of Term Project

As this is our last week of term I wanted to offer you something a bit different! 

We will still use our English skills but this will incorporate lots of other skills too, such as Geography, Art, Music and many more, the main point of this is to use lots of the skills you have developed this year and to have fun!

I want to introduce you to ‘Anywhere Island’! Imagine if you were out exploring and you came across an uninhabited, undiscovered island, which you can now claim as your own kingdom!

Session 1 – The Discovery

Session 2 – First Impressions

Session 3 – Creating a National Identity

Session 4 – The Island Rules

Session 5 Developing a Tourism Industry

Working through the slides on the power points, listening to my instructions, you get to choose everything about your island. There are 5 sessions, you can do them this week or even do some and save the rest to work through in the holidays.

Finally, remember to keep reading through the summer and going over those spellings, you will need to know them when you are in Year 6!

Best wishes

Mrs Aldwinckle