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Primary School

Year 5 - Week 6 Other activities to get involved in this week.

Here are the activities for P.E, Science, R.E and Art this week.  See if you can spot a friendly face you will recognise when carrying out he activities!

P.E – This weeks P.E is very exciting. A well know face (who you will recognise) with his team have set you a challenge. It’s a scavenger hunt! Click the link and follow the instructions, if you manage to complete the activity Fiesta Sports will send you a certificate. I would love to see this if you achieve! Happy hunting!

Science - If we had been in school this term we would have been researching and investigating changes and how some reactions are reversible and some are not.

For example if you toast bread, it turns to toast and cannot go back to being bread, however, if you heat chocolate it will change from a solid to a liquid, but then when cooled it will turn back to a solid. Think about what happens in your kitchen. What happens to water when it boils? Does it stay in that state or reverse when it cools down? Your job is to make a list of items form the kitchen where the change is irreversible and a separate list of items that are reversible. What about eggs? Ice? There are lots to investigate. We would love to see your work.

R.E. and Art - As you know our learning for this term is on Hinduism. We would like you to research the many Hindu symbols such as the Lotus flower, Aum and The Cow. You should then record a sentence on what the symbol means to this religion and why it is so important. If you want to incorporate Art you could have ago at drawing the symbol.