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Primary School

Monday 6th July 2020 Year 5 English activities

Here are the activities for this week in English

Spellings – We have now worked our way through all of the spelling patterns we need to cover in year 5. For the next two weeks, it would be useful to recap on the words covered this term. I have attached an overview of this term spellings. Here are some ideas you could do to support and check your learning.

  • Choose the words that you remember finding tricky and use those to make up your own individual spelling list.
  • Ask someone to give you a spelling test on all the words and then use the ones you got wrong as your spellings for this and next week.
  • Have a go at putting the word into a sentence and then self assessing to check you spelt it correctly.
  • Ask someone in your family to dictate a sentence with one of the words in and see if you spell it correctly.
  • Create your own word search with your difficult words in, then try to find the words to practise the spelling patterns you have learnt.

SPaG and Writing – This week we are focusing on spelling, punctuation and grammar. You will find attached the power point, which gives you lots of spelling tasks to complete. There is a lot of information in the power point, so it will keep you busy over several sessions, don’t try to do it all at once!

We would also love you to make a booklet for the year 4 children moving to year 5. This could tell them all about how we do things in year 5, what subjects and topics we cover and anything else you think it would have been useful for you to know. We will then share your work with the new year 5’s when they start in September. Remember to use all the non-fiction features you know, such as headings, subheadings, pictures with captions, fact boxes, plus all the wonderful punctuation and grammar skills you have developed this year.

Reading – When completing your home reads this week, have a think about how you can answer these questions.

How has the author used description to show how this character is feeling?

How does the layout help?

Can you explain why?

Why did the author choose these words?

What evidence can you use to support your view?

Enjoy your week and hopefully I will catch up with many of you in the Time to Talk sessions.

Mrs Aldwinckle