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Primary School

Year 5 - Week comm. Monday 29.06.20 Art, Music and PE Home learning

Here are some of the other activities you can try this week.

P.E – Please keep working on the sporting activities from the Northamptonshire Virtual School Game website:

Remember when you have completed the activities to send your scores to Mr Smith at  by Friday lunchtime. Mr Smith still wants  to receive pictures or videos of you in action.

Art – We are going to use our perspective drawing skills from the previous term to draw a river with trees. All you will need is a plain piece of paper and pencil and perhaps a rubber. You will be able to follow the video link and pause it to create your drawing in small steps. We love to see your work.

Music - This week I have attached a powerpoint all about music in the past, look through the slides and try to answer the quiz questions at the end. You can always go back to the slides to check if you want to.

Have fun!